Democracy in America

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like today if those who once researched, made a mark, or became someone famous in America were still alive? Reading on Alexis de Tocqueville, I really started thinking on this. Throughout the reading it talks about the Education system in depth.  “Americans are taught from birth that they must overcome life’s woes and impediments on their own. Social authority makes them mistrustful and anxious, and they rely upon its power only when they cannot do without it. This first becomes apparent in the schools, where children play by their own rules and punish infractions they define themselves. One encounters the same spirit in all aspects of social life. An obstruction blocks a public road, interrupting the flow of traffic. The neighbors immediately set up a deliberative body. Out of this improvised assembly comes an executive power that will remedy the ill before it occurs to anyone to appeal to an authority…” (p. 215) I used this piece from the book because I truly believe that if Alexis de Tocqueville was still alive that he would strongly agree that the primary school system still seems to be ran like this. To me its a shame but its interesting to see things from someone’s perspective from then.


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