Week Four Blog

One human who accomplished so much. Frederick Douglas was such an inspiration to so many I’m sure. Someone who was born into slavery and was able to escape to become a world renewed anti-slavery activist is just amazing. Someone who supported the thought that no one human should be “owned” makes me so passionate on the person he is. The fact that he had no shame in being a well educated black man in the time he lived just thrills me. He probably faced so much hatred throughout his life because many people thought that Blacks didn’t deserve to have an education but he truly made something of himself. From being an editor for an an influential black newspaper, to becoming an inspirational and motivated speaker. This man truly did give a completely different image for African Americans back in the day. He was the start to change I believe.


One thought on “Week Four Blog”

  1. I actually think that Frederick Douglass must have been a really clever guy, just from reading his narrative. It’s clear he was intelligent, but there are little moments that actually made me laugh as he described learning to read (like tricking the other boys).


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