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The Mexican War

Do you think that President Polk presented a war letter without the intentions of going to war? After the reading, i kind of have a personal opinion that maybe his hopes just didn’t go as he had planned? I feel like he may have presented it in hopes that Mexico would hand over the rights to the land without proceeding to war.

Going Back a Few Weeks

I know that in the first couple of classes we discussed Christopher Columbus but I waited to write my blog for this week knowing that today I would be one of the many to gather in front of the Rawlings Library, Many of us Italian Americans gathered before the Christopher Columbus statue this morning. We gathered to reflect on the hardships our ancestors endured. We gathered to honor our heritage, and to grow closer in community. We gathered to remember where we came from and to thank God for where we are now. We were greeted this morning with hateful slurs such as “Go back to Italy!” And “Your culture is poison!” But we will not stop gathering. Columbus Day is our day! Columbus Day is our day to celebrate our heritage and to celebrate that we are Americans! Today is the day we celebrate in thanksgiving that our home is here, in the United States. Our ancestors experienced hate when they came here. And if we’re going to start experiencing hate now, we’re going to fight it with love, peace, and hard work; just like our ancestors taught us! We are proud of who we are, and we are proud of where we came from. Hatred, ignorance, and bigotry will not suffocate our pride we have in our heritage, faith, and American patriotism. Happy Columbus Day my friends!

Democracy in America

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like today if those who once researched, made a mark, or became someone famous in America were still alive? Reading on Alexis de Tocqueville, I really started thinking on this. Throughout the reading it talks about the Education system in depth.  “Americans are taught from birth that they must overcome life’s woes and impediments on their own. Social authority makes them mistrustful and anxious, and they rely upon its power only when they cannot do without it. This first becomes apparent in the schools, where children play by their own rules and punish infractions they define themselves. One encounters the same spirit in all aspects of social life. An obstruction blocks a public road, interrupting the flow of traffic. The neighbors immediately set up a deliberative body. Out of this improvised assembly comes an executive power that will remedy the ill before it occurs to anyone to appeal to an authority…” (p. 215) I used this piece from the book because I truly believe that if Alexis de Tocqueville was still alive that he would strongly agree that the primary school system still seems to be ran like this. To me its a shame but its interesting to see things from someone’s perspective from then.

Week Four Blog

One human who accomplished so much. Frederick Douglas was such an inspiration to so many I’m sure. Someone who was born into slavery and was able to escape to become a world renewed anti-slavery activist is just amazing. Someone who supported the thought that no one human should be “owned” makes me so passionate on the person he is. The fact that he had no shame in being a well educated black man in the time he lived just thrills me. He probably faced so much hatred throughout his life because many people thought that Blacks didn’t deserve to have an education but he truly made something of himself. From being an editor for an an influential black newspaper, to becoming an inspirational and motivated speaker. This man truly did give a completely different image for African Americans back in the day. He was the start to change I believe.

Week Two Blog

Though History books tell us that Christopher Columbus was the first to discover America, do you think its possible that he was just the first to inform people about it? I have always thought about this in the past when learning about Christopher Columbus. I truly believe that he couldn’t have been the first person to cross over onto the land but that he was the first to realize it was something different than areas that have already been discovered. With such a large Country I think that several people had crossed over into the United States but weren’t aware that it was anything different.

Week 3 Blog

Why is it that our brains choose to remember bits and pieces of information we learn throughout the years? I have always remembered the saying “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” However I guess I never really knew why this saying was famous or who made it famous.

The reading on James Otis was an interesting one for me to read and actually gain some knowledge out of. I enjoyed this article because it has early on information about the government that many question the change in today society.


To explain myself in a few short words I was born and raised in Pueblo and can tell you a lot about the history in this town. However history is not my strong point when it comes to learning and retaining the knowledge. When asked the question why is history important, it all comes down to allowing us to understand the past, which in turn allows us to understand the present.